This site is a private site for members only.  Membership is by invitation only.  Generally, blood-descendants of Malachi Fitzpatrick & Bridget Coffey, their partners and offspring will be invited to join.  Malachi Fitzpatrick and Bridget Coffey were born in Tipperary, Ireland in about 1770. 

The extended family is known to embrace the following surnames: –

Coffey, Ireland

Shea, Ireland

Aherne, Ireland

Murphy, England

Cregg, England

Cregg, USA

Smith, England

Henry, England

Heraghty, England

Spicer, England

Hardman, England

Chadwick, England

Turner, England

Alderson, England

Dennis, England

Daly, England

Pilkington, England

Cosgrove, England

Green, England

McKendrick, England

McNichol, England

Gaffney, England

Dawson, England

Everett, England

Reader, England

Harrop, England

Flynn, England

Flynn, Ireland

Troy,  England

Whittaker, England

Bridge, England

Slaughlin, England

Youell, England

McCarthy, England

Stanton, Ireland

Bolton, Ireland

Bolton, England

Bolton, USA

O’Higgins, England

Boddicott, England

Kelly, USA

Brown, England

Carter, England

Clegg, Ireland

Rider, England

Tomlinson, England

Howarth, England

Heraghty, England

Kelly, England

McShane, England

Wilson, USA


If you feel that you are part of this branch of the Fitzpatrick family, please use the ‘contact us’ form to make contact.